Road Jeans

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About Us

Music and rhythm literally course through the veins of UK denim brand, Road. For a start our philosophy borrows directly out of Jack Kerouac·s famous novel, On The Road, a book that launched the Beat movement and the idea of doing what you want, when you want, within youth culture. Even during the set up of our ·beat· inspired Go Vicinity range, co founder Joe Moss was managing The Smiths. So rhythm, music and general free will flows through Road and it shows. To this day, our tags are adorned with the iconic image of On The Road·s infamous heathen anti-hero Neil Cassidy. Road is very particular about the ingredients used in its garments. We have fabrics developed exclusively for our jeans, sweats and T·s. Nothing is bought off the shelf. All our clothing has a label celebrating the fact that everyone involved in the production of the garment is paid a decent living wage. Some of our clothing is made abroad but you can be assured we make sure all the workers are paid properly and are well looked after by the factories we use. We still make some of our clothing here in England, despite the fact there is no support or investment whatsoever from the UK Government. We hope you enjoy using this site. All the new lines and back catalogue of Road are available as are the new Monkee Genes range. All our sizes are standard but if you do find you need a different size we operate an easy to use returns system. If you love your Road please tell us about it; if you have a grief please tell us about that too. Keep dancin·.